Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Wow, it's already Wednesday.

Bloggin' sometimes sneaks away from you.

I jetted off for the weekend to celebrate my dear cousin's upcoming wedding. Living in NYC she wanted guaranteed sun, so we escaped to this fabulous boutique resort. It was delightful & FUN. And I got to see my sister who I hadn't seen since Christmas.

pic (obviously) from their website

Here is the bride dressing the part. We kept it classy.

My other cuz, her sis & MOH, did such a great job with all the details & accessories. These were delicious cupcakes from a local bakery that devoured at all hours of the night.

The cousins


(who claims she didn't have a 'hurt head' all weekend.)


After a long weekend of sun & fun, I then carried on the getaway to one of my most favorite events of the year with husband, brother, & his gf...

It's a tradition like no other, and we had a blast. In fact, John says he added a nice contribution to our 'china cabinet'. That's 32 cups just in case you're curious.

It was the perfect weekend filled with lots of family quality time.

Doesn't get any better than that.

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