Tuesday, April 10, 2012

An Easter Celebration with Everyone

Easter was special this year. Not that it's not always, it's probably the most special holiday of the year in that regard, but we changed up our holiday tradition.

Since it was Master's weekend and Master's Sunday is not only John's favorite day of the year, but according to him also a non travel day. With that made known, we extended an open invitation to both sides of our families to join us for church and lunch at our house afterwards.

Being that Easter is a Big Celebration of Life we decided to expand our little gathering and include two of our dear family friends were in town as well. Making that a total of 15 peeps in our little rancher, dad said it best ...'Dear God thank you for this special day and for the celebration of your son's life and thank you for bringing so many loved ones together into the smallest house in Buckhead' !

Luckily for me, everyone brought the feast and I was just in charge of setting the table.

We missed those that couldn't make it, especially our siblings, but it was definitely an Easter for the books.

Note: my knife setting is improper and the tulips are wilted. I forgot to put water in the vases. Oops.

 Always fun to bring out the China

John's bloody mary bar fixins'

MBT Homemade Cake

The best Blessing of all - Godsis announced thru cake pops baby Dean is a GIRL!!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! Your dad is such a hoot! The dinning room table looked awesome!