Tuesday, March 27, 2012

M & K are Hitched!

This post is lonnng overdue but I wanted to wait for the newlyweds (aka. LTK's fave readers) to return from their incredible honeymoon to Argentina, Uruguay, and somewhere else? fancy & fabulous.

M&K got married St. Patty's Day weekend in Charleston. And not just Charleston...but a beautiful historic plantation under the Avenue of the Oaks. We all stayed downtown on King Street which I had not visited in years. Best shopping, nightlife & food.  Not to mention how fun it is celebrating a best friends wedding with all of your friends together in one place.

Everything about the wedding was perfect from the gorgeous setting, grilled cheese station, 80's band (ohhhh yea), and just the simple elegance.

Complete Southern Charm.

Not to mention, M was super chill ;) and had the time of her life which always makes for a fun wedding.

Oh & she let us bridesmaids where any color dress and any style.

People ranted & raved over how good it looked and it just so happens everyone wore complimenting colors...yep, she knows her friends well.

Enough chat, here are the few (sadly) pics that I took.

Opening night party

Good Ole Spray tans!

Rickshaw ride to bridesmaid luncheon


Downtown Yacht Club

Setting Up

First Dance

Delicious Cake

Party Rockas'

Don't Stop Believing

Cheers to the Adams!!!

Now when can we come over for a dinner party?


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  1. Thanks so much Catie! We loved every minute of it and yes - please come over for a dinner party! We've got the table set and ready to fire up the grill!