Monday, March 26, 2012

Tales of a Dog in Trouble...

Well, hello. I had the perfect weekend. Hope you did too.

The weather was beautiful and we had zero, zilch (yep you read that right) plans. I now know what it feels like to truly relax on a weekend...not that our weekends are tough or stressful ...they are just always busy and jam packed. This weekend literally felt like a 4 day vacation & I'm actually productive today at work.

So, right about the time last year we cleared out 13 trees in our backyard, seeded new grass, & planted lots of pretty plants - ligustrium, azaleas, hydrangeas, and redbud trees.

I just admired the progress of the redbud trees last week- we're still unsure about the other things - and luckily I snapped a picture...

because I came home Friday to this...

caught in mid action



Bad Pup.

I will admit it's hard to stay mad at that little face. We still have one red bud standing so we'll see how well my discipline works out.

Until next time...

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