Tuesday, March 19, 2013

38 Week Check In!

Crazy to think these bump posts will be over next week. {Are you excited?}.

Went to doc this morning for my 39 week and our little babe is still breech and comfortable. That's not to say this mama hasn't tried it all. In the last few weeks, I've tried

-Frozen peas on the stomach
-Flashlight & music down low
-Inverted Breech Tilt
-Handstands in the Pool. Yes you read that correctly. This one still makes me laugh! Even worse, I've been going to my gym pool. It is a sight to see a big pregnant girl in a swimsuit, much less doing handstands. Most of my pool-mates are triathletes all geared out in their swim caps and tight suits. I just show up in my XL tankini and make a big splash like shamu when I get in the water! In all honesty though, swimming has been relaxing and has felt quite good on my lower back. It is quite the arm workout too. I'm pulling out some old tricks from my swim team days.
-Webster Technique done by a chiropractor. This one was a stretch for me. I debated back and forth. Seemed a little extreme & unnecessary. But then I figured what the heck, if it works great and if not I can say I literally tried it all. This was my first chiropractor visit. Like most, I've always been skeptical about their approach. But, in the end it was a pleasant experience. She realigned my hips and did pressure points on certain ligaments. The goal is to realign the spine and lower parts where baby can ease it's way in head down.

So, that being said, obviously this little one is meant to be head up and we're sticking with our c-section plan on March 25th. The exciting thing is we get to meet this little one in 6 short days!!!

How far along? 38 weeks.
Baby Size: Size of a pumpkin & it feels that way! The doc thinks this baby is around 7lbs.
Total weight gain/loss: I’ve stopped asking but I would think 32-35.
Maternity clothes? Mostly maternity. Getting dressed for work is now a joke!
Stretch marks? Still a no.
Sleep: Shifting side to side and a few loo breaks, but still feeling rested.
Best moment this week:  Just getting so excited about the little planned arrival. Also, wrapping up things at work. Excited about the 12 weeks work breather even though I know I’ll be busy.
Miss Anything? Would love a fresh margarita with this gorgeous weather lately but also realizing that the end is in sight & I may even miss this big ole belly. 
Movement: Lots of rolling and a few kicks down low still letting me know head is up & feet are low!
Food cravings: Still sweets…crystal light, cereal, ice cream, chocolate. You name it!
Labor Symptoms: Still constant pelvic pressure and a little lower back pain.
Aversions/Anything making you queasy or sick:  No.
Misc:  I’ve had a few crying episodes lately…some for no reason at all. And most know I’m not a crier so this has been strange & a scary to John! We both know it’s just part of it though.

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