Thursday, March 21, 2013

Randoms + Spring Wants

Today is my last day at work before maternity leave. This is so surreal. I've been working at my company for over 7 years and during that time never taken more than 10 days at a time, that 10 being a one time thing for our wedding.

Being that the babe is making it's scheduled debut on Monday, it has been nice finalizing things this week and preparing for the imminent departure. Even though it's only temporary (12 weeks), telling people 'bye' has been kind of sad & just weird. I know it sounds a bit crazy & I'm attributing it to the hormones (as I've done the past 39 weeks), but it really is kind of emotional. These are people you spend more hours with than your own family and they are wishing you the best, etc. I can't imagine how people feel when they retire. I guess when you quit it's a wanted exit & you can't get out of there fast enough!

While I'm looking forward to returning to work (much to my mom's despise), I know from talking to other people it's going to be really hard and my outlook on this silly job will more than likely change. But at this point, as I tell co workers and customer 'goodbye' I look forward to saying Hi again this June.

OK, enough that was a tangent. This post was about randoms & spring wants.

A few last pregnancy thoughts....

-At this stage of the game, & working with a best friend who is two weeks behind me, we should just put big posters on our forehead with our due dates. We cannot go anywhere without getting stopped. It's a constant reminder how BIG I am!

-I think my feet have officially grown. I've heard this throughout pregnancy and thought I exempted that side effect, but my boots are officially too small in the toes and I went to get my standard size in flats last week and I need to take them back & go up a size.

Now for my Spring wants. I cannot WAIT to buy skinny clothes again! Buying maternity clothes is so not fun and makes you cringe spending $ on something you know isn't flattering or attractive. I have literally rotated 3 or 4 outfits the past two weeks as nothing is really comfortable anymore.

This list is random, but most are catchy things that have caught my eye over the past few days.

So, I guess this is my signing off as a last post before being a P.A.R.E.N.T!!

I'm pampering myself tomorrow with a fresh hair cut and a leg massage from sole spa (a thoughtful 'baby mama' gift from a friend).

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