Friday, March 15, 2013

10 DAYS!

It's official. John & I are going to be parents in 10 days. Ahhhhh!

Our little flipper is still breeched so as of now we will have a scheduled C-section on Monday, March 25th at noon. Although highly unlikely, baby could still turn and if that ends up being the case we will just hang out until our original due date- which is Friday, March 29th. Also, there is always the possibility the little one could come early; in that case, we would just grab our bags, go to the hospital and have the c-section. It wouldn't be as 'casual' as just showing up for our noon 'appointment' but all would be fine.

Now that the breech baby news has settled in to us, it's pretty surreal/exciting/nerve-wracking to know the actual birthday and plan.

Here are some recent thoughts about our impending arrival...

-I'm such a planner so the thought of walking into the hospital on a certain day and time is appealing, yet also brings a little anxiety. Water breaking on the trading floor or feeling the urge to 'push' at home in the middle of the night of course brings much more anxiety, but the unknown rather than the known has an appealing factor as well. Naiveness has it's allure!

-Parking the car, walking into the hospital and feeling completely normal (I may even dress cute and you know I will put on my eye make-up!) cracks me up. I think I just envisioned a much faster, hurried process, so the thought of just showing up on a Monday to have a baby is so funny to me.  I'm well aware typing this I could be jinxing myself and we may be rushing to Piedmont at 3am.

-I've had a couple of surgeries in my life. Broken elbow at age 7 and broken nose at age 9, but having surgery at 30 kind of scares me. My biggest fear is feeling the surgery. I know it's a bit ridiculous, but that 60 minute special on anesthesia still freaks me out! 

-Part of me still feels like John & I are 20 years old, and in no way ready to be parents. I feel like I should be putting on my short shorts, vibrant high heels, and heavy dark eye make up and pregaming at The Paces. You girls know what I'm talking about! And then I remember I'll be 30 two weeks after the baby is born and John will be 32.

-Speaking of turning 30, never did I imagine I would be spending such a milestone birthday with a brand new baby and a whole different life. To be honest, I imagined hitting the clubs or vacationing somewhere tropical! Something tells me, an amazing trip or memorable night with friends won't compare to the gift that we are about to receive.

-Finn is in for it. She definitely knows something is up. We don't spoil our dog (who am I kidding, we totally dote her) but to her credit she is pretty independent and disciplined. Until last week, we came home to this...

Someone got into the trash! We have also caught her a time or two with a baby toy or rattle in her mouth, but when she sees one of us she drops it... so we know she knows better.

-All in all and most importantly, I really can't believe this day is almost here. We get to meet our little baby in a mere few days and our life will forever change. We are so grateful for the gift to become parents and I can't wait to meet this little one that's been camping out (& currently cramping my rib cage) for the past ~10 months!

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  1. Couldn't say it better myself! What a wonderful blog post! I'm so excited about Baby H's arrival! xoxo