Monday, March 11, 2013

37 Week Preggos check in!

How far along? 37 weeks.
Baby Size: 6-7 lbs and 20-21 inches long.  
Total weight gain/loss: Still going up! 
Maternity clothes? Mostly maternity. Getting dressed for work is becoming extremely difficult.
Stretch marks? No, hoping I make it to the finish line sans stretch.
Sleep: Not so much. Still feeling rested but lots of adjusting throughout the night.
Best moment this week:  Finishing up nursery. We splurged on a painting for over the crib (early 30th birthday present to me!) & we love it.
Miss Anything? Walking without a waddle and easily bending over.  
Movement: Not so much kicking anymore, but lots of swishing
Food cravings: Oh the same...


The guy at BR told me I looked like I needed a double scoop so it was on the house. Not sure if I should take that as a compliment or insult; regardless, I ate every last bite!

Labor Symptoms: A little bit of pelvic pain earlier this week & occasional Braxton hicks.
Aversions/Anything making you queasy or sick:  No.
Misc:  We found out at our 37 week that Baby H is now breeched. It is rare for baby to flip this late in the game. Guess we have a little hell raiser or diva in our future! This came as a bit of surprise given that he/she was head down at our 36 week appointment. We opted out of the version procedure. Didn’t think the risks associated with the procedure were worth it and it’s a painful procedure with less than 50% success rate, lower for first time mom’s. We figured this baby is flipping for a reason, so what’s meant to be will be. I’ve spent the last week doing the ‘home remedies’ to flip baby back head down… frozen peas on top of the stomach near the head (supposedly babies don’t like cold-ours didn’t mind it), music near pelvic region (baby unfazed), lying on top of pillows to invert hips and give baby room to flip again (baby not interested) and lastly doing handstands in the pool (yes, I went to our  gym pool 37+ weeks pregnant in a bathing suit!). All this being said, we will have a scheduled C-section sometime around our due date. We will know the date at our 38 week appointment. While this isn’t how we planned our delivery to be, of course in the end we just want a healthy baby. And now that I’ve come to terms with a c-section (other than I am not looking forward to the recovery), a planned delivery without the laboring process, sounds appealing to me!

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