Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Guest Bathroom Progress

I know I'm the queen of showing you house tid bits and then never showing the end results. Case in point with the guest bathroom, as well as the master. We moved into our master addition Halloween weekend and I've yet to show final pics. I promise I'll get to it!

As for the guest bathroom, it is almost complete. The workers have long gone and finished their part, I've just yet to complete my part.

Remember we started with this...

Then it looked like this...

And now it looks like this...

The floor tile is amazing. I am in love! It is more white in person and it's an eye catcher. Smart move to splurge on marble. In my opinion, it makes the bathroom.

For now you just see the basic builder mirror that came with the house. Also, we stuck with the current lighting to avoid electrician costs. If it weren't up the bank account it would have been ideal to add sconces flanking a mirror, but in the end I think it was worth it to save the electrician money & splurge on the marble.

As you can see there is still more to do. We need a piece of art above the towel bar (it looks a little odd right now by itself on that big wall), we need to hang the picture frames above the toilet (& add something in them), get a new shower curtain, and get a new mirror.

Big fail by me on the mirror. I had big hopes for this beauty. Loved the look and the price was right, but it was way too small. I was wayyy off on size even though I swear I measured! Once again scale gets me. That is why you pay decorators for their expertise. So we're still in the market for a 32" mirror and I'm holding out for something unique...or good price point. I'll know it, when I see it.

Another little touch I love is the vanity knobs. In the below picture you can see how the vanity came 'as is'. Basic silver, boring knobs. 

I traded out the knobs for these antique brass vintage ones and the look is so much better.

Overall I'm happy with the $199 vanity for a guest bathroom. The price is beyond cheap, it's a good size, and let's the floor be the star of the show.

So that's where we stand as of now. The tile gets me every time I walk past this bathroom! Much better improvement from the dated yellow & brown. Hopefully, we'll wrap it up soon before our mother & mother in law's move in post baby :) 

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  1. I really like the shade of blue you chose. The vanity is really nice also. The doors almost look like they have waynes coating on them. Nice job!