Friday, January 25, 2013

Key West Getaway

We snuck away MLK weekend for a 'babymoon'...or the boys baby boondoggle, as frequently called it. The Alias' were given a bad @$$ house for the week and graciously invited us along.

We did lots of biking, lounging, and most of all e.a.t.i.n.g. The comments from locals and tourist were hilarious at the sight of three pregnant girls all waddling along Duvall Street. We may or may not have gotten a 'mooooo' from a singer....forget his short jorts, 80's mullet, and fag swag!

Our only plan for the weekend was not to have a plan. We embraced the independence & lack of schedule, and constantly reminded ourselves this would be one of the last little hoorays as a married couple.

Here it is in pics...

Amazing house. Back yard pool.

View from back of the house.
Only rule from the homeowners: Must leave doors and windows open at all times.

Mode of transporation all weekend

Mama with her non-alc coors light.

Hubs celebrating over lunch after he got word his new job is official!

We biked to the Southernmost Point in the US.
And stood in line with the other tourist to get our pic made.

Boys enjoying a day buzz and pool time

Girls biked to Mallory Square for virgin daiquiris and the sunset.

Girls toured Ernest Hemingway's house. I feel like we could ace Hemingway Trivia after our little tour. The things you do on vacation when you pregnant & not drinking!

Such a fun trip! Thanks again to the Alias' for making it happen.

If you're wondering what in H#%$LL John is wearing, not to worry, you're not alone. Our first night there he was so proud of his purchase... a tourist sweatshirt to 'embrace the culture and fit in with the locals'. Well, the weather turned out to be slightly chilly most days & nights and this was his only appropriate attire. He was thrilled!

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