Tuesday, January 22, 2013

30 Weeks...10 to go!

See what a goods night rest and a vacation in a bad @$$ house will do for a pic!! Other than the chunk cheeks (can't help genetics!) so glad not to have puffy under eyes.

How far along? 30 weeks. So hard to believe only 10 more to go!
Baby Size: 3lbs.  New brain development everyday. 
Total weight gain/loss: I’ll find out again at the doc later this week
Maternity clothes? Yes & occasional 'normal' tops & dresses.
Stretch marks? No.
Sleep: Once or twice nightly wake ups for position change or potty, but other than that sleeping well.
Best moment this week: Going on vacation with two other pregnant couples. Hilarious the comments we got when people would see 3 pregnant girls biking or walking together!
Miss Anything? Nothing of note. I actually may have discovered I like pina coladas better without the floater on top!
Movement: Very early in the morning and right before bed.
Food cravings: Wayyy overly indulged in lots of vacation food. You name it, we ate it!  
Aversions/Anything making you queasy or sick:  No.
Misc:  I have been waking up the past few nights with horrible, sharp calf pains. I’ve started drinking a glass of OJ each morning for extra calcium.

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