Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bathroom Bust

Call it nesting or complete craziness, but somehow I convinced John we needed to re-do the guest bathroom before the baby. The conversation actually went more like this.

C: I really want to re-do the bathroom before March.

J: Call around and get some quotes.

C: 2 hours later... I called, here is the quote, and they are starting demo tomorrow.

John just let out a big sigh and said let's go for it big mama! The idea of having workers in and out and attracting all kinds of dust was beyond John's comprehension, but he went with it and we haven't looked back.

To my credit, we've been talking about re-doing this bathroom since we bought the house almost three years ago.  I figured we will never get around to it if we don't do it now. It helped that friends have encouraged us to spend every last dime now while you can, because post baby when you're paying ridiculous amounts for daycare & for diapers, budgets don't usually allot for bathroom renos.

Of course the workers gave us a timeline of 5-6 days start to finish, but they failed to let us know those 5-6 days wouldn't be consecutive. We haven't seen them since the demo last week.

Here is our bathroom 3 years ago when we went under contract with the house

And here is how we lived with it for the last  3 years...

As you can see, not much has changed.

We changed out the light fixture, mirror, shower curtain, & guest towels. I had intentions of sprucing up this bathroom, but never knew what direction to take with the yellow and brown tile so we just embraced it.

The window was framed out during our master addition and it's been that way since October....{it was part of my plea to re-do the bathroom  ;)}

It's also worth mentioning that this was our only full bathroom before the addition, so the fact that we lived with it for this long & saved our pennies makes it that much more worthy of a reno.

So here it is post demo & drywall...

This is where we stand as of now. The tile is bought, vanity is purchased, and paint color chosen, so hopefully they will be back soon to move things right along.


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