Friday, February 1, 2013

Pinterest Project: Christmas Card Organization

Something about January, well February now, always makes me want to get organized. 

Christmas Cards are one of my favorite holiday traditions and I always hate throwing them away. Every year, I look foward to unpacking the holiday stuff and looking at last years cards. It's fun to see how families and babies have changed throughout the year.

I did this project a few weeks ago before packing up the holiday stash. I found this idea on Pinterest, of all places!, and while at first I found it to be one of those unnecessary, too-much-time-on-hands, type A projects, the practicality of it appealed to me. It was easy, simple, & cheap. My kind of project.

Here are the details...

-Hole punch
-2 inch silver rings (bought mine at staples for $4)
-A lot of free time on your hands (husband comment!)

-Hole punch your christmas cards
-insert the silver rings


Here is an example of looking back at 2011 vs 2012.

{Hey Jo!}

The original link to the pinterest project  is found here,

This blogger even kindly offered free printable covers for the project, but I don't have a colored printer at home so I left this part out for now.

Pretty easy & simple project, right?

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