Wednesday, April 11, 2012

DIY: Chevron Table Runner

I admit I have a mild obsession with Chevron patterns. They are all over my pinterest boards and saved in most of my inspirational files.

Being the amateur table setter that I am, I searched high and low for pretty table settings on pinterest for our Easter Celebration.

I kept coming back to these two pretties...

Bellasimo & Bella


Then I hit jack pot and found this tutorial

...and from there my attempt at another DIY was born.

{Insert rolled eyes from husband & comments like 'can't you just go buy one'. I'll admit it's not that he isn't supportive, he's just a clean freak and has seen my too many of my diy attempts gone bad, so he isn't easily sold. Not to worry, this one left him impressed}

Supplies Needed:

Drop Cloth: I had on hand so free for me but total cost $10

Duct Tape: Had on hand but no more than $5 to buy

A fun color spray paint: $4.98

No sew tape from Michael's: $3.00

 Time to get started...

-Lay drop cloth on flat surface. Cut desired width for runner. Standard size 12 to 14inches. I didn't measure, just went for it. Sorry no pics.

-Flip over. Use your no-sew-tape to fold over the raw edge and tape in place.(this stuff is amazing for those that don't know how to sew)  Once again, I was so focused, no pics.

-Flip back over and begin taping your Chevron pattern. I just went for it. I know can you believe it? I'm sure you're thinking, really you the rule follower didn't use a pattern. But I'm telling you when the total project is less than $15 how much damage can you possibly do?

Here it is all taped in it's glory...

 Not gonna lie, this process was quite tedious. It doesn't require much thought or measuring, just lots of time tearing tape and placing properly. Probably 30 minutes to an hour.

And here it is all ready to be sprayed...

First coat down ...

Tip: I learned from the YHL team to apply many thin and even coats. I applied maybe 4 coats.

And here it is the next morning after a night of drying..

Lastly, completed and on the table...

Success without any fails. And even better, the satisfaction of doing it all by yourself.

I think it turned out quite pretty and it really was a painless process. I know this sucker will get all kinds of use.

Working my way to being a DIY Diva.....


  1. I love it! I had no idea you made it yourself! Kudos to you!

  2. I love this as I feel I am in the same boat but have to throw a shower soon. Where did you get the gold charge plates? looks awsome.