Friday, January 6, 2012

NYE 2011

I'm finally recovered enough to post these pics. Kidding.

As usual, our New Years trip was nothing short of fun!

5th Annual Tradition. We eat, drink, & dance.

Repeat x3 nights.

Here we go in pics...

Happy 31st Birthday Brad!

Have you played this game? You try & guess the person, place, or thing on your head by asking yes or no questions.

I was horrible. Go figure.

LTK fave readers.

I'm in charge. You better have fun.


Stashes were in full force.

Not a party without the spillage.

Is this too inappropriate to post?!

Best dance of the night.

Well, nothing beats the famous MJ

A little hair of the dog Sunday taste testing.

Thank you Sosebee's!! Another year in the books.

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  1. LTK! you should do a post on 'Why Girls ARE NOT Attracted to Mustaches'. USe these photos.