Thursday, January 5, 2012

Finance for Thought: 50/30/20 Budget

Maybe LTK should be known as an internet searcher-slash-sharer.

Sorry for the posting of articles & pics to make you a 'better person' feel like $h*t- I too laugh at/with those people that try to better themselves the first of the year & by Feb 15th, they are back to the 'ole self.

Wait, am I one of those people?!?!

But, I saw this article today and the finance girl in me thinks it's worth sharing.

It's a 50/30/20 Budget. Enjoy.

How was your breakdown?? Surprisingly, my 50% was spot on. As for the others, I couldn't be more far off the 30% spending & the 20% saving.

Reality Check.  Happy New Year.

Full article here.


  1. Cole, you are constantly serving up reality checks...I'm still reeling from that article about things I "should be doing." You're entirely too wise.

  2. hah! BBT you are the wiset & smartest of us all.