Tuesday, November 15, 2011

On the Road Again...

Hi friends. I am out of office. Traveling for work.

I fly back home Friday and will hang in Hartsfield until I jet to NYC for a mother/daughter/aunt/cuz trip.

Looking forward to seeing the fam & the Big City all decked out for the holidays.

Speaking of holidays, Thanksgiving is next week! And I can't believe they are playing Christmas music everywhere and the coffee shops have their holiday cups already in the works. Why do we always rush to the next thing, next holiday?

I did fine these fancy little gift tags pinteresting the other day and thought I would share...

Free. Awesome, right? Here you go...


Have a great rest of the week & weekend!

Of course I will miss both of these precious chunks...

Finn @ 10weeks. (Sorry it's blurry; too prec not to post)

Lastly, Congrats to JTomm on getting engaged!!! There are some sad, sad boys pouting right now... You will be one gorgeous & special Bride!  


  1. we missed you last night, woman! that pic of John & Finn is too freaking cute...I have got to come meet that puppy. v jeal of NYC!!