Thursday, November 10, 2011

'Round Here.

It's Friday for moi! Tomorrow is a federal holiday = banks are not in biz.

Veteran's Day. 11.11.11.

Thank you to all the courageous men and women {including my pops} that served or recently returned from serving...

I love Friday's off. I have a to-do list a mile long... but I might just drink lots of wine tonight and chillax tomorrow. Even better, we are Finally. 

So, this is my know, I'm one of those planner types:

It's Scott's weekend. I get to go on Friday (when all the 'designer's go)...maybe I will run into Sherika or Sha Ray!

We are also going to a fun house party at S&A (blog readers!). Never a dull moment with these two.

I'm also picking up my sis from Hart Int'l who is attending the classic city for this:

She may or may not get a ride back to the airport Sunday...

I hope to make these along with every other person who reads Urban Grace:

I die over that robin's egg blue kitchen aid mixer. It may be on my Santa list. *hint hint* (Am I really that old lame that a kitchen gadget strikes my fancy?)

If I get a wild hair, I may do this...

Black interior doors Painted Doors...  painted door (on the inside!)  

Do you see the trend?

And best part yet, I get to spend lots of time with this cute pup...

...who has discovered biting. nice pillows.

Hope you have a fabulous Fall weekend !

all images via Pinterst or iphone.

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  1. Who is the "A" of S&A? Did Shaler go and get remarried on me? Can't wait to see y'all!