Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fire & a Fall Color

One of my besties EED talked me into HOT Yoga yesterday at Red Hot Yoga.

105 degrees for 90 minutes.

First time trying yoga- of course it would be in scorching temperatures.

Reporting back, I actually really did like it. Didn't realize a girl was capable of perspiring so much, but loved the detox feeling. Not going to lie, I spent a good 60 min feeling nauseous and dizzy and thinking of an escape method in case I had to upchuck- but I would do it again & would recommend it. I also felt like a total loser when I started seeing stars which prompted me to just lie on the mat for a solid 5 minutes- but whats an amateur to do?! Besides, the teacher's only requirement for first timers was to stay in the room the entire time, so consider it a Success! 

Speaking of Hot, the temps are still going strong in the Atl, but my inbox is starting to fill with Fall Fashion emails. One recent was from Pantone, a color expertise site. {Not sure how/why I get emails from them}

Check out the #1 color for Fall. Being a Color girl, this gets me really excited.

And here are the other hot colors to look forward to:

Bring on the Chilly weather!

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