Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer & Something Special

Goodness, it is H-O-T in the Atl! Summer is officially here and I love hot weather, but this sunshine really makes the post-work exercise routine tough.

Enough whining.

I am currently loving the yellow & turquoise combo. It is so refreshing.

I found these pics to be pretty. Hope it adds some spark in your day.

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As you know, I blog lurked for a long time. I grew fond of some really cool, talented, special, sweet people....whom I didn't know personally.

One of those blogs is Margery Raves On. The good news is, I kind-of know her. She is best family friends with our good friend MMM and one of her daughters went to Ole Miss with my bro.

Anyways, her beautiful & talented daughter Katherine suffered an AVM rupture in 2008 and tells her incredible story here. Kim, her mother, has an amazing way with words and is very transparent about her faith. Her husband once said he was married to a combo of Billy Graham & Lady Gaga. How funny is that?!

She wrote a fabulous post recently that is too good not to share. It's a must read. If you grew up or live in the South, this rings true in many ways. Here you go:

Enjoy & Reflect.

Best part about being a new blogger, I can blog about other people's blogs!

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