Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Brow Diva

Hi! I took the advice of Simply Seleta and a few Atlanta friends and visited the make up & brow diva Nikole {Click on 'stylist' then scroll down to make up & click on Nikole to view her bio}

Talk about an expert. She is amazing.

She is nothing short of fabulous, kind, wonderful, & most of all knowledgeable.

Nikole knew exactly what damage I had done and how to fix it. My problem was a little laziness and lack of shape.

The goal is to achieve the look of shapely, not too arched, and natural brows.

{Is that word brow bothering you yet? It is slightly disturbing}

Check out this site on celebrity eyebrow makeovers. This gives us amateurs hope.


Before: High & Unruly
After: Arch grown in. More pulled together look

Go see Nikole at Van Michael. You will love her. 

Best part- she is very affordable, located right in Buckhead, and works convenient hours for the nine to fivers.

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