Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013: Happy New Year!

It's a new year...2013. Has a good ring to it, right? If you're like me, you like new years. It's a time for a fresh start, new check lists, and a chance to get things done. Now don't misunderstand me...i'm just as guilty of being overly-ambitious with my goals & resolutions the first of the year and then by March it's back to the old ways. But who cares. It's all about the attempt & the effort, right?

So, here we go 2013. Bring it on! I have a feeling it's going to be our best one yet.

It's a big year for us with some really exciting times (baby H & my brother's wedding) and some not so exciting, changing times (but such is life).


-Join a Church. We attend church (I would be lying if I said regularly & you can't lie about church!) but we have not joined one locally as members yet. After 3+ years of marriage, I think it's time.

-Survive Joint Checking. We are making the commitment to be a one family finance unit. Over the past years, we have had a joint house account but seperate personal accounts. This one is going to be a challenge as the husband doesn't do well with the cost of highlights & I don't do well with bar tabs, but this will be good for us.

-Post baby Peachtree. It's going to be a challenge but if all goes well delivery wise and the body heals appropriately, I would love to run the Peachtree again this July 4th. It was one of my favorite highlights of 2012. Such a fun, rewarding event. If I'm able to do it, I'm hoping to break the 1 hour mark. Here's to hoping! 

-Parenting. This is scary & exciting to write. This is huge for us and something John & I talk about often. We hope to be wonderful parents for our baby. Our goal is to also do what works best for our family. And stick to this motto. There are so many resources & opinions out there with how to do e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. and while it's often easier to listen & take advice from others or do what the majority do, we want to remember to do what makes the most sense for our family unit. In the end, that is all that matters.

-Continue blogging. Even though this little blog doesn't really have a purpose or consistency for that matter(!) I still enjoy documenting this little life journal. Strange but admittedly, I've always enjoyed looking back at past calendars to see what we did for weekends in previous years. This blog let's me capture it all in one place and it's also fun to connect with other readers.

-And last, Have fun. This is my favorite. Life is good. Let loose everyone once in a while or always!

There you have it. Some serious, some fun. Any good 2013 resolutions for you other than the norm?  

I've got lots of holiday and new years eve pics to post so hopefully I will get caught up soon.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Great goals for 2013! I know it's going to be a great year for you and your family!