Thursday, August 23, 2012

Three Years & a House Update

We celebrated 3 years yesterday. Three.Years. So crazy, seems like yesterday.

Remember last year when I did the cheezy 2 year post? I thought I might be getting the Big D papers after that post. I'll keep it light this year!

We talked last night at dinner about the past year. Year 3 has been good for us. We feel really settled. Not in like a boring rut settle, more in a we really know each other and feel very content. The first year is all about adjusting - well at least it was for us. Of course there was the honeymoon phase and all that jazz, but it was challenging at times to adjust to coordinating schedules and sharing a remote! Year two we bought a house and got all moved in, traveled a bunch, etc. And this past year, we've just had fun and really enjoyed each other.

Enough of the romance talk, we had a very nice dinner here - highly recommend the octopus and lobster pasta.

Here is the latest with the house...

-The roof is up and shingled:

-Inside bedroom ceiling is 'trayed out'...can't remember the real terminology.

-Shower looks like well a excited for this.

Up next, lighting plans, bath fixtures, tile selection. This is a lot to take in!

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  1. Congratulations on 3 fabulous years! So happy for you guys!