Thursday, August 30, 2012

Plumbers & Feeling Flushed

Things are still moving along with the house...electrical has been ruffed, plumbing has been ruffed, and most importantly we passed the builders inspection. I have a new found respect for plumbers and electricians. They may like to display their buttock know what I'm talking about...but these people are smart! Our house currently looks like a science project on crack, wires and pipes galore. It's amazing it will eventually all sink up to our lighting plan shown below. Designed by the ever so talented, AGI.

Speaking of lighting plans, the selection process has started. We have lots of ceiling mounts and fixtures to decide on. Given that we have the standard ranch-o 9'ft ceilings we are limited to the long pendant beauties.

Insert Flush Mounts. They have really come a long way since the good ole boob light.

Here are some of my favorite flush mounts and the current contenders for our addition...

Don't like that price tag? Here's a knock off I found that we plan on using in our laundry room

Of course not as pretty but

One of my all time faves...may have to splurge!

There you have it. Any personal faves or other good flush mounts to share? All suggestions welcome.

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