Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Fly

Hey there, it's the weekend again.

Wine Shoe was great. Really, you should go for a wine class if you like that sort of thing.

It was very entertaining & we did actually learn something. 5 S's of you know them???

sight, swirl, smell, sip, & savor.

Do you feel so much more like a connoisseur now?! Also, all of the wines were non-commercialized {no chemical, no preservatives} and under $20. Can't beat that.

And just FYI, you don't need to take the ridiculously expensive round trip cab down there. You don't really catch a buzz. Wine 101 - you sip not drink.


Have you heard of the latest workout craze in the Atl?


It is the real deal. It's a high-energy, calorie-burning, sweat-like-you-just-jumped-in-a-pool workout. And best part, it's only 45 minutes.

Check it out here.

Wanna try for free? Daily Candy offered a code earlier this week.

 1. register here
 2. go to buy page and click BUY under 1 ride
 3. At checkout enter coupon code: FLYCANDYATL

Happy Weekend.

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