Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Aftermath

Hi. I'm losing it.

For starters, I cooked noodles on the stove last night {yep, so much for that detox smoothie!}, then continued on with nightly routine... I did notice the room getting warmer & also questioned why there was 'steam' all over the windows, but it never clicked to me I left BURNING noodles on the stove. Seriously!?

I got lucky. This is the only damage.

I googled how to remedy burnt pans & got a good laugh out of the recommendations:

1) make husband clean it, by hand, the old fashioned way, with a Brillo pad. when he comes to you a broken, penitent man ;) bandage up his blistered, aching hands and comfort him...

2) put an inch of water, and a 'small' load size worth of laundry detergent in the pan, and let simmer for half an hour or so. let cool naturally.

3) try some salt and ice in the pan - and swirl it around- as the ice melts, the salt reaction removes grain from the bottom of the pan -  

Of course I'll start with #1 :)  Any other suggestions from you savvy chefs?

Secondly, I woke this morning at 8:06AM. Talk about a human.tornado.rupture through the entire house. Our poor Pup. Obviously I needed the zzzzz's.


All that being said, it's that time of year. The holiday aftermath.

We are all adjusting back to routines and a since of normalcy. Working hard to get our houses clean & back in order, closing out the calendar with parties, appointments & meetings and finishing the year strong - among many other things.

This was my first pin on Pinterest this morning & I found it to be quite fitting.

How True?

Hope you enjoy these last few days of 2011.

If you sleep in a little late or forget your boiling noodles almost burn your house down, it doesn't really matter- Life is Good. Better yet, Life is Great.

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