Friday, September 16, 2011

A {semi} Botched Recipe & the Weekend

***Update for 'leg up': Local Atlantans. Bloomingdales is having a denim sale through Sunday. 15% off one pair, 25% off two***

It's the weekend! We are going home for my 10-yr-reunion. I'm sure for many not much has changed in 10 years, but it will be fun to see some old faces. They are honoring us state champ cheerleaders tonight at the football game...I may just have to break out a toe touch and my state ring. Ra Ra Ri! Kidding.

So we had our n'hood supper club last night and I attempted to be fancy per my pinterest addiction and make Cheesecake Bread. I have been known to show up with Chex Mix, so I thought this would be a shocker nice surprise. Who doesn't like croissants, cream cheese, and sugar?! This picture had me hooked.

images via pinterest

Well, i followed the recipe and somehow it turned out like this....

Sugar Sloppiness. The problem: I didn't let them cool long enough after baking. Apparently that is important. Despite my pride, I took them anyways and they were actually a hit. {Go chef catie...eeek lina & bws}


In other news, this weather is amazing. Hope you enjoy the chilliness this weekend.

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