Friday, August 19, 2011

Weekend & Wannabe Royal Wedding

It's the weekend. And we are in town. We get to wake up in our own bed on Sat & Sun. WAHOOOOOOP!

So, it's the Kris & Kim wedding this weekend. And true Kardashian style, they are trying to compare it to THE Royal Wedding. More like Royal Ripoff. There is all this media yap about 'Who will win Wedding of the Year?' ...

 "Kim is planning the wedding of the century. She doesn't see why a royal wedding should get more attention that hers. She sees herself as a bigger celebrity than Kate Middleton."

"Kim thinks it will probably be the biggest TV wedding of all time".

"Wedding cake might look a little familiar... (a 10-tier white cake with chocolate-chip icing and black-and-white decorations). 10 tier.  — which costs $15,000 to $20,000!! from Hansen's Cakes in L.A" 

I give the girl props on her work ethic and mega brand name...but seriously royalty?

Homegirl with the big Junk in her Trunk will never compare to Duchess Perfect. (Sorry, i know it's rude to compare).

Well, at least not in my eyes.

This is awesome...


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