Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New York Recap

Good Morning. After a longgg delay at LGA Monday night I made it home and the sweet hubs was there to pick me up curbside. A 5:15am wake up call (those yanks wake up early!) & a 12am touchdown in the ATL made for a tough day back at work yesterday. But today I am feeling refreshed - here is the recap...

We had a blast!  Sisters are the best. It was so much fun to go and feel like a 'regular' know not do the touristy things.

We had no schedule, no reservations, and nowhere to be, which was pure bliss.

These were my digs for 3 days. They are not in their real apt yet, so this is their August sublet. I was slightly frightened & creeped out so much that I slept on top of my towel- yes my sister had me bring my own towel. Which I guess is understood given there is no washer & dryer (& she hosted me for 3 nts).

Friday we dined at Bobo in the West Village. A quaint, hip restaurant with great food. I wasn't allowed to take any pics of the restaurant because that is 'so touristy' but it was presh. 

Saturday, I sweet talked drug her and her friends to Hell's Kitchen Flea Market. I convinced them they would see great finds for their apts but they were not impressed. My mom did remind me that is the last thing I would have wanted to do at 22. True dat. I, however, loved it and came home with these turquoise plates below. The guy claims they are some 19th century special something, but I'm not so convinced. Regardless I haggled him down and they might just be my fave purchase.

Afterwards we went to the Young Designers market in Soho. Such great jewelry. Some of these young designers are a little aggressive in their pricing but you can sometimes find a steal. We had a delicious lunch and afternoon cocktails (can't remember name) before heading home to prop our feet up. Sat nt we had drinks at The Standard Rooftop bar and then dined at Los Feliz in the Lower East Side. Great, low key mexi spot with fabulous guac.

 *Unfortunately these are only my iphone pics. Blogger want cooperate and let me download my cam pics.

Sunday we woke to record rainfall  so we chillaxed and then did some shopping on 5th ave. We caught a matinee of The Help and then grabbed sushi at this cute little place in Gramercy. 

Such a great trip! We ate, laughed, shopped, and drank our way through the city for 3 days.
Thanks for hosting me Sista. Love ya much.

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