Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I did a Coral Project

Thanks for all your sweet text and emails about the Big 2. Jh had a slight wig out (def: here) from being exposed on the blog but we had a great dinner celebrating.


So... i've developed a slight creative itch lately from all my blog stalking. Just call me Crafty Catie (eeeekkkkk...that was for you bws & lina!).

We bought this china cabinet from Nadeau right after we were married as a temporary fit for our small love shack. When we moved into our current house I actually had it listed on the list of craig and a smart neighbor told me I was crazy to let this cheap thing go. She is way more creative than me and after listening to her rant about the different ways I could tweak it, I listened and kept.

This was it just until last week...

A random home for our china and other things. A complete eye sore for me.

These were my inspiration pics...

+ A can of paint & primer in one ....and here she is looking revamped

 I'm aware it's quite pink but when the doors are shut it's a nice pop of color.

Just believe me.



  1. I love it! Did you paint it yourself?

  2. you put that on the list of craig?! first - why. second - check with me before you deal with the crazies on that thing; I always need furniture. LOVE!