Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Recipe: Island Style

Since returning from vaca, one thing we already miss is the fresh cuisine.

A popular dish in the Turks and other Caribbean islands is the Conch Salad

We went 'conching' two days on a boat and it was tons of fun. {There just so happened to be the exact number of conchs for the exact number of people on the boat} Coincidence?! I really thought I found one & got a tad bit overly excited.

So with island inspiration in mind, JH whipped up a delicious dinner the other night..

Seared Tuna with Conch Salad sans Conch

Tuna Ingredients & Preparation:

-Fresh Tuna filet's seared lightly in olive oil on stove top
-Kobe Coast Ginger Wasabi Teriyaki to coat after cooking {pic below}

Salad Ingredients & Prep:

-1 green & 1 red pepper
-1 med size red onion
-2tsp. Garlic
-small Cherry tomatoes
-Chop and mix together. Add Lemon Juice to your taste.

Here you have it:

The key to the tuna is the Kona Sauce

{found at Fresh Market}

Healthy & Delic. Enjoy!!

In other healthy food news (I am becoming a foodie, jk) I found this article on today and found it quite interesting... Most Common Nutrition Mistakes: 

I am guilty of most.

Happy Hump Day !

Oh, & How awesome are these?

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