Monday, July 18, 2011

H-O-T and H & M

Our A/C unit went out on Saturday and a good friend advised us to try and make it thru the weekend, as the prices goes up 3x to service you on Saturday or Sunday. Being the tight wads we can be, we suffered through it and there was nothing FUN about it.

Here was our view last night around 9:45 as the house was cooking at 83 degrees.

{So sexy}!

I pouted this morning & got a cold smoothie for breakfast to make myself feel better. Luckily, the air is now fixed and we weren't set back too badly, so I am chilled and happy.

In other news, did you know H&M now offers a home accessories line?? How cool. It's a little funky, but for accessories and bath stuff it's creative and of course cheap.

Check it out here.

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