Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Short Week & Vacation

Fabulous weekend. The wedding was perfect & an absolute blast!

{They had an open bar as you arrived before the ceremony} How cool is that??

Unfortunately, we were having too much fun & I didn't take any pics of the wedding, but I did capture our mountain retreat for the weekend. Isn't it a beauty??

*I'll find some photos from the wedding & post (for you PGA!)


I'm off to Cali for a girls-getaway with my mom, sis, aunts & girl cousins! I'm excited about going coastal & the 68 degree weather.

We are visiting some fam outside of LA and then checking into The Huntley. This will be a nice treat after the one & only Mitchell's Inn & Lodge!

There will be a little R&R and lots of laughing, vino consumption, good eats, and shopping.

Of course, the trip wouldn't be complete without some celeb-stalking!! Those that know me well, know I will be all over that & looking like a total tourist, but that's ok.

Found this pic in one of my inspirational files & love everything about it. It has Cali written all over it!

Know of any hot spot restaurants, sights, shops in Santa Monica?? Please send my way.

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Weekend

*Picture Sources: pinterest, thehuntley, sociallitelife, craftycameleon

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  1. Please update! I want to hear about your trip to the Golden State.