Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Farewell to a Fun Decade

Today I am wrapping up my twenties. A decade to remember.

In the past ten years, I would say I've covered a lot.

-Graduated College
-Established a Career
-Married my Main Man
-Birthed our First Born.

Pretty special.

It's funny to think I'm closing out this decade, completely opposite of how I started. I used to be the one spitting up after way too many shots at Georgia Bar and Bourbon Street...today I spent my last day in the twenties helping little Marion spit up her drink of choice. Oh how things have change!

I envisioned my 30th birthday drinking lots of champagne and dancing the night away with fun friends. After having our sweet girl, I'm perfectly content hanging with our new little family of three and sneaking away for a date night with John. Life is good. We are very fortunate.

Cheers to 30. May it be as fulfilling & fun as the twenties. Bring it, 30s!

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