Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Guest Bathroom Moodboard

We are making progress in the bathroom. The shower tile is installed & grouted and the walls are painted. They plan on starting the floor tile today. He mentioned completion by the end of the week but we know how that goes...!

Here is the latest pic:

In case you forgot, it looked like this 2 weeks ago...

And here is the guest bathroom mood board:

Left to Right:

-Subway tile in the shower with light gray grout
-Bone Mirror from Ballard Design that I have had a love affair with for quite sometime
-Benjamin Moore Green Tint in the bathroom. Just like the nursery. It keeps the look cohesive throughout our little rancher.
-2" Marble Hexagon tile on the floor
-El cheapo Vanity from Home Depot spotted on Pinterest. We debated this decision back & forth but decided to splurge on floor tile and settle on vanity, as in the end this will be the guest/baby bath and the vanity will not get a ton of use. While the quality isn't all that great, the color is fab and it fits the purpose.
-Vintage Antique Brass pulls to jazz up el cheapo.

Stay tuned!!

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