Tuesday, October 9, 2012

House Host Perfection

Hi there. I was out of the office the latter part of last week at another one of those bond outings...you know where we 'work'-- networking among others in the industry...while at the beach.

This was my view on Friday during the working hours. Beach in October and perfect weather. Hard to complain about my j.o.b.

I took an early flight on Saturday where I could have a full weekend at home - still questioning why I wanted to leave a 5star resort and this luxury - but then again they don't call it work for nothin'.

I arrived home from traveling mid morning hoping to take a quick nap to catch up from lost zzzz's, only to walk into a house full of fumes. They installed the new hardwoods for the addition while I was away.

Preggers (oh yea, have yet to mention that on LTK yet?!) & Polyurethane do not mix.

So...I've been homeless and a nomad since Saturday. I have jumped from home to home because I'm one of those people that does not like intruding. I know it's weird, friends are friends for reasons like these, but it's just one of my things. We have so many amazing friends that have graciously offered their homes and for every one of you I cannot thank you enough.

Every stay has been so wonderful. John & I got a good laugh sharing a full sized bed Saturday night at a sweet neighbors house and Sunday night I got to spend the night with a bestie girlfriend, who was my roomie for 5+ years. Bringing it back to the good old days!! John gave it one night & decided he would rather fight the fumes & sleep in his own bed. Typical guy, right?

Last night I stayed at another dear friends and let me tell you this friend knows how to host. {bws, i know you are going to kill me but you know its so typical for me to do things like this!}.

I snapped some pics because I thought it was a good reminder for myself on how to host the perfect overnight guest. I also thought it was blog worthy material because who doesn't enjoy looking at a pretty room?

So I arrive to a cozy room with the curtains drawn...(not to mention the amazing custom headboard and Matouk linens).

 Next up, I died. She had a bottle of water on my bedside table with fresh flowers (& the remote).

And lastly, fresh linens in the bathroom.

You think they've hosted friends a time or two? Thanks BS for a perfect night sleep. I may just have to take you up on two nights in a row!

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  1. You're the most low maintenance house guest I've ever had and are welcome all the time. haha.