Wednesday, October 31, 2012

$20 Bench: Before & After

I got this ugly duckling bench this summer while thrifting at the beach on a rainy day. The paint was chipping and the seat fabric wasn't a looker, but for $20 I saw potential.

First step, popped off the seat and removed the current fabric to find this fabric under the 'silk'.

Much prettier than the purple right?? I decided not to remove this and just use this as my cushion since you couldn't see thru with new fabric.

Second step, washed down the bench for a clean, fresh surface.

Third step, primer. Just used a spray paint primer that was easy and quick.

Next step, stapled the new fabric to the seat. Just fold the edges over like a present. Doesn't have to be pretty or perfect.

And lastly, spray paint. Just a couple of thin, even coats that I let dry 15 or so minutes in between sprays.

The end result. Not bad for $40 total!

$20 bench, $10 fabric, and $10 primer & paint.