Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Life thru a Reno

Hey, I'm here. It's been crazy town around our house these past few weeks. Leave for work, greet the eager workers. Get home from work and listen to banging and pounding for a good two more hours then give them a powerade or homemade store bought cookies and thank them for another hard days work. I cannot say enough how hard and fast these people work. And to think some people want them out of the country...that's another post in itself.

Anyways, no complaints. We are very pleased with how things are moving along. As of last week, we are still on time and still on We are now getting into counter tops, light fixtures and the like, so the budget is soon to be broken at some point but we're just impressed we've made it this far.

So, here's our house turned upside down. We cleared out our back room where they can start making the entrance to the new addition. The door on the left is a closet and the door on the right is the half-bath, which will now become the hallway entrance to the new master. At one point, we considered knocking out both the closet and the half bath and expanding that back room, but due to pipes and the likes it was going to be a bigger mess {gotta love the ranchers!}, so we are keeping the closet for now - may make it a wet bar at some point- and just getting rid of the half bath.

Crazy to see how dirty floors are even after mopping & vacuuming each week.

Dog currently sleeping in our room. Bed unmade. This isn't a big deal to most but JH and I are both sticklers about a made bed.

And best of all. How much furniture can you fit in one room? #hoarders.

Just keepin' it real. 

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