Monday, August 20, 2012

Building Progress & a few Tile Pics

I'm almost scared to say it, but the addition is moving along at a good pace...should I even say fast pace. The contractor is quick to remind me that this is the fast part. The intricate inside details come next. Wires, pipes, electrical...the manl-y stuff.

Until then, a few more building progress shots...

The roof line was installed late last week and the roofers were there bright & early Saturday. Nothing like a 7:30am wake up call on Saturday AM to the sound of bullets and nails going straight through your head! No complaints here, we like progress and the Oct 31 deadline...

I also began the process of tile shopping. Something about that sounds so weird & grown up. Is that really how I am spending my Saturdays now?! Anywho, I went o Floor & Decor per the advice of several friends. Advice: Don't ever go to that place hungover or tired. It is overwhelming and exhausting. The selections and options are endless.

Thank goodness, I have my style pretty much nailed down. Clean & White.

Carrera Marble on a Travertine budget! Sad.

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  1. It's coming along so great Catie! I can't believe how much work they've done in two weeks!