Monday, July 9, 2012

7.4 in Pics

It was a different kind of fourth but a fun one! With the holiday being mid week and due to this little thing called a j.o.b we were forced decided to stay in Atlanta. So what's more patriotic than running the Peachtree? Being a first timer, speedy Shelly hung back and showed me the ropes. 

Pre race...7AM

Mid race pic @ Peachtree Battle

We did it!!

With 57,000 other patriotic people. 

Crossed the line in 1:08 - we were happy given that time included a photo op, a bathroom break, and a brief pit stop to find each other after getting separated post bathroom break.


This pic makes me laugh...I sent my sister my proud pic of finishing the race and she responded with her pic on the right. Gotta love the age difference of 6 years... race or vodka? She won.

Finished the night with a cookout with friends and Lenox fireworks.

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