Thursday, May 31, 2012

Weird Things People Do at Work

So working in an open floor environment, you see some beyond weird interesting things.

For instance, on our floor, any given day you will see or hear someone

-clipping their fingernails into their desk trashcan
-flossing their teeth at their desk    (are you grossed out yet?)
-sleeping at their desk
-cussing out and/or talking lovey-dovey to their significant other on the phone
-working on their golf swing with an actual golf club just a few feet from their desk mates head.
-throwing random objects at someone across the room just 'cause
-oh and the occasional vending machine challenge.

You name it, I'm sure we've seen it.

Lots of just plain weird habits.

We do a lot of waiting around here. Anticipating the next big trade, market move, etc. So there is lots of downtime and due to the downtime boredom, the noted reasons above occur.

Well today I got called out for my weird thing.

I'm a doodler. A severe one at that. And I often doodle the same things. My name and hearts. So random.  Today someone called me out for it and asked if I had an obsession with myself or sex?! Really. Just because I like to write my name pretty and color in hearts?

With that, it sparked this blog post. Are you a doodler?? I get mine may be a bit extreme.

Regardless, I'll take coloring over clipping fingernails and flossing teeth any day of the week!


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