Monday, May 21, 2012


...that's the best title I could think of.

Where have I been??

It's been almost a month since i've checked in. I know you 4 readers are clicking away everyday for new content?!

May has been a crazzzzzy busy month. Trust me, the extra z's are necessary.

I have been all over the place and the calendar has been quite full. Too full actually. You know those months where you just pack too much in and you don't say no. It's really ridiculous that we do that to ourselves. You end up cramming it all in, showing up late, rushing, disheveled, tired, cranky, the list goes on...I guess I should say that's how I usually feel, but hoping others can relate.

I traveled for a 3 day work-trip {better known as networking-boondoggle-bender}, attended a boys club party, chaired a neighborhood party, and hosted Mother's day all in a 5 days window. I'm tired again just typing that.

But enough whining-- it was all fun and i'm finally rested.

Here are a few pics from my phone to recap my whereabouts.

Trip to Memphis for work...L-R: Late night Club 152, let's just say the new yorkers were impressed with southerners dance moves; rooftop Peabody; my work friends

Benedicts Spring Party...crazy fun with dj wolf

Flowers for our n'hood Spring Party that doubled for Mother's day. 

Two sweet n'hood friends did the flowers. And they were free. She brought the mason jars from home, put a lemon and lime at the bottom, and added cut hydrangeas from another neighbors yard at the top. Easy and pretty.

Sadly, no pics of our sweet mama's. We were to host a fun fancy family lunch, but that morning we were on the verge of extreme exhaustion so Mrs. Stouffers pulled thru for us! We enjoyed a nice cuisine of frozen pasta and salad. At least we drank good wine. Next year we're going to the spa.

And lastly, we just returned from our 28th annual Cabinet Beach Trip.

For 28 years we have taken a trip with 4 families. That's 8 adults and 10 children. With the addition of a few spouses and significant others, we've grown to 24 total...I know it sounds like pure insanity. Thankfully we're in 2 houses and we all still like eachother. We used to go for a full week, now we're down to 4 days. You get the point!

There is so much history and memories, the trip is always a fun tradition.

Despite the weather below, we somehow managed to come home with a tan.

Dad supporting Team H.

That's enough about me. Now I need to pay attention to my dog and husband and actually exercise & cook dinner a time or two this month.

Such is life. A good one at that.

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