Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Budget Breakdown: Headboard

Thank you for your text {sweet friends} and even an email on the headboard!

Sorry for my ugly Iphone I need a Rebel? Kidding.

Anyways, here is the budget breakdown:

3 yards of fabric:                    3 x $7.98 = $23.94
2 inch Foam                             3 x $8.49 = $33.96
Queen size batting                                         $13.99
Spray Adhesive                                               $4.79
MDF Plywood (60inx38)                            $17.00

Total Cost:                                              = $93.68

 How about that for an upholstered headboard?!

The foam, batting, spray adhesive all came from Hancock Fabrics & the plywood came from Lowe's. The guy recommended MDF for durability and cutting ease.

I got a ? about measurements or a template for the shape. I don't have exact measurements but I just played around with place mats & bowls {seriously} until I liked the arch for the scallops. Once you have one side cut you can measure so your other side will be even. Hope that helps!

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