Thursday, January 19, 2012

Catching Up

Hi There! Where have I been??? It's crazy how a week goes by from posting and it feels like a day.

We had a wonderful weekend in South Georgia with some old, fun friends.

Of course there was bribing involved - to get me to S. Ga for the weekend required a pit stop at Scott's beforehand.

We came home with the bottom mid-century prints for a steal....

Right Bldg

& these Andirons for another deal....the husband has been wanting original, old andirons for quite sometime.

Left Bldg

I was quite impressed with him - what was supposed to be a 30 min limit in each building turned into a 3hour browsing session. It wasn't me enthralled with all the goods. It was him checking out

You know the ones that have all the dark wood junk ...old knives, books, fishing stuff.

So after a fun Scott's outing we made our way South. Check out this gorgeous sunset

And then we spent the weekend with our friends at a gorgeous plantation where little Finney went on her first Quail hunt. Let's just say it was a perfect weekend for JH.

Who would've ever thought this girl would be such a dog lover?

Hope you are having a great week!

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