Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gift Guide: Under $25

It's the 'giving' season. Are you shopped out yet?

Do you have 1,000 of those secret santa swaps for book club, wine club, chess club, supper club,

Not to be bah humbug because they really are fun, but it gets touch buying a gift when you don't know who is gonna get it. Throw the money limit on top of it {i know its more about the thought than the price tag, but you know what i mean} and I'm often stuck. Usually I revert back to the ole itunes or starbux gift card but i've learned this makes some people really really mad ! What's the deal with that?!

So, that being said, this year I've been on the hunt for cute $25 & under gifts and I was surprisingly impressed with all the goodness out there.

Here you go...

These 2 layered together.

Let me know if you need my list !  *wink*

1 comment:

  1. Who knew West Elm had makeup bags!!?? So great! And I love the bracelets. Wish I had seen these before I bought my sister's stocking stuffers!! Great finds!! PS so excited about MA's baby boy!!