Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A New Addition - Finn!

Hope you had a Happy Halloween !

Our little 'hood was filled with Pigs, Cows, Princess, Dracula's, and my fave Angry Birds. It was a fun night filling the trick-or-treaters followed by us trick-or-drinkers enjoying chilli.in.a.fritos bag and cold beer at a neighbors house.

This past weekend we snuck away to our Cabin to enjoy a little R&R, fall, football weather, & this view...

On the way...we stopped and picked up our latest addition...

Meet our new pup, Finn.

She is some kind of cute and sweetness. Yes, we gave her a boy name(!) but we thought it was sweet, Southern and fitting for a husband who loves fishing and all things outdoors. I must admit, I wasn't a huge animal lover {I know, terrible} but this little one has me hooked. She is quite independent, like her mama, and has a very easy disposition about herself, like her dad. Am I already bragging?!

The first night was a little tough...lots of cries and one mess up inside. But night 2 & 3 have been great. No cries and just 1wake up to go outside. We are crate training her and so far she loves her little "place".

Any 8 wk old lab puppy tips? Any favorite toys? Please send my way!


  1. I love Finn! I can't wait to meet her! Such a sweet face!

  2. I LOVE FINN!!!! Puppy perfection. I cannot wait to play...and I did not realize she's a girl. Noted.