Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ten on Tuesdays: Catching Up & Randoms

1) Hi friends. I am back. I was out of town for a little work trip boondoggle in Clearwater, FL. Imagine 300 professionals sitting poolside, drinking, and "networking". No meetings, no schedules- what Wall Street Protest? It was fun and exhausting. It was great to have Columbus Day to recover...yes, we partied for 3 days in the gorgeous sunshine then got Monday off as a Federal holiday. And bankers still complain? I know, it really is so pathetic.

{view from  my hotel room}

So, let's play catch up... via the iphone & else.

2) We have been busy. You know when you just feel like you have a lot going on? The weeks where you have something on your calendar every.single.night? Of course no complaints as it's all been exciting stuff, but you know what I'm talking about, right? This quote pretty much sums up the past few weeks... How true?

3) A few weeks ago we had a little dinner party for the impending arrival of baby Stewetta. It was so much fun...and it worked...she made her debut early the next week! I did the table setting in a casual, low key, pink theme. I even brought out the china & crystal....with pink paper napkins...Is that a major dinner party no-go?

Here was my inspiration pic...

And here is how it turned out...

Hah! Leave it to Pinterest....envisions of prettiness does not often turn out a Reality. Where was Martha when I needed her?

We put the boys outside. Are your dinner parties often divided, boy girl?! *Yes, that is orange babys breath. Are you reminiscing on prom circa 1995? Don't judge. I thought the orange was a fun little pop of fall color. 

4) We also took a little day trip to the best city ever, Athens Ga, for a football game. It was the perfect fall day...jeans and flats, sunny with a breeze. Took a trip down Milledge Ave to reminisce before kickoff...recognize this house? Many fun memories from this place.

5)  In our house lately, we have had a strange addiction to these...anyone else?

6) Pumpkins & Halloween decor are all over our n'hood. Of course we have yet to purchase ours. Have you? I love all the different colored ones, especially the whites.

7) Remember this pic from a past post?

Well, so not like me to go dark but I went for it and tried 'Color to Diner For' (second color from left)...here you have it...

Apparently, its not very appropriate to color your nails for a work trip...Oops.

Ok....Are you over the randomness? I am over it. Am I really that boring that I can't discuss 10 things?! Sad but true. At least for this week.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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