Thursday, October 20, 2011

Burning, Burning, Burning

...on the Dance Floor.  will this song will be in your head all day?
It's official. Fire Season. We got our firewood delivered earlier this week and built the first one last night. There is nothing like a Fall Fire. Especially in a little rancher...lights up the entire house and makes it oh so cozy.

*Danielle, I'm still too lazy chicken to stencil my ugly, bare walls... I'm working on it...wanna just come paint them for me?!!

It was the perfect night. Cozy Fire. World Series- who is playing again? And Taco Soup.

Here are some other blazing beauties for you. Enjoy.

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Unknown. Sorry found these in my inspirational files pre-pinterst

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No fireplace? Don't fret. Order this Ambient Fire DVD for only $14.95

So, have you built your first Fall Fire yet?

And are you still singing burning, burning, burning?!

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