Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thank Goodness for Pinterest

Hi there. It's Thursday and I'm hungover at work. Ouch. I also realized I forgot Ten on Tuesdays. Oops.

I've been boring this week and lacked creativity & humor. Maybe I need to look into another DIY aka Epic Failure. Or drink again tonight.

Or, just look at Pinterest. It seriously is so amazing. And addicting. And made for boring people, like myself.  Here is some goodness from this week of pinning...

  Image via here

Love it all. the desk, shutters, lanterns, desk lamp


How creative {& smart} is this? Very fitting for our lifestyle.


In other news, I heard on the radio this morning Ashton & Demi are headed for splitsville??? Per, they spent their anniversary apart & Demi tweeted something weird & philosophical. Maybe BBT will report back to us.


Also, It's bloomingdales Friends & Family. 20% off.  These are in my Brown Bag.


And just because I've been strangely obsessing over fall this year,

Ok, I'm done. Off to get a vitamin water & peanut m&ms.

Hope you've had a good week!

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