Monday, May 16, 2011


After a huge booze drinking networking week in Memphis, we had yet another jam packed weekend.

Saturday was our annual neighborhood Spring Party.

We live in a n'hood filled with 1950's ranch houses, young families, and lots of social functions.

While some of our friends think it can be quite cult-y (and I often agree), it really is so fun (& quite convenient) to live in a neighborhood with several of your friends.

One of my very bff's- KHS- chaired the party & she asked  me to help co.

After lots of planning & laughing, we woke up Saturday with...

A guest list of 75, A limited budget, & A weather forecast of 60% rain

We carried on as planned & luckily the rain held out, everyone showed, & we had a blast

Hopefully our first attempt at Party Planning for a large crowd was a hit!

Prepping...KHS fab back yard

Making Progress 

Our FREE Flower Arrangements..vases borrowed, flowers cut from a friends yard

No need for comment...

KHS & her creativity



I'm probably so late-to-the-party with this, but it is too awesome not to share.


{Image Courtesy of my bff coworker BWS}

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. The flower arrangements looked beautiful! Great job!